Business Cards – Libros Schmibros

Libros Schmibros Business Cards -

Libros Schmibros Lending Library, located on Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights needed some stand out business cards.  Cards that would help to get their mission across, at a glance.  Since opening in 2010, Libros has put over 18,000 books into hands, and more importantly, in front of eyeballs.

This historically immigrant community has always had a deep and abiding love of literature and the arts.  The grandparents of both founders lived in Boyle Heights.  Now, these people with deep, old roots in the community have come back, to share their love of and commitment to literature.

the Bookmarks, Redux

LS bookmarks redux
The now super-saturated CMYK bookmarks

Online pre-press proofs?  Oh heck yeah!  The first batch of bookmarks was not saturated enough, after being converted from RGB to CMYK.  So, here we go again–super saturated and gloss this time.  Better get out those Industrial Extra-fine point Sharpies!  Rookie mistake!