I believe that web sites should be engaging and easy to navigate, at a minimum of ongoing expense. Perhaps for that reason, I seem to specialize in small, community based, women run non-profit organizations. As an artist, I have a good sense of what artists might need.

Specializing in aesthetic web presence for non-profit organizations, artists, and others. Services include: website design, design and build, redesign logos and graphic design, domain purchase and setup, et cetera.


Web sites can too easily become joyless devourers of time and resources rather than the phenomenal tools for interconnection which we all hope they will be.  My goal is to create sites which are a boost rather than a burden to the client, requiring a minimum of maintenance and freeing creatives to be just that… creative.

The difference is often as simple as experience and planning.

As far as actual credentials go, I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from San Jose State University, and loads of experience, working with independent artists and non-profit organizations in the fields of art and literacy, in the local community, in the region and internationally.


Someone offered me a computer in trade for building and maintaining their website–so I accepted the offer, and learned to code HTML.  That was in 1998…Since then there have been huge changes, on the web and in my life, in all of our lives as things move online more and more.

My two cents:  I haven’t found a better, more powerful, infinitely configurable and expandable free website platform than WordPress. But, of course, I do also work with other platforms such as Squarespace, Weebly and even BigCartel, some do have free options.

Ultimately, my goal is to get you set up with a site that suits your needs. One that you can maintain, or that requires a minimum of hired help to maintain.  What’s the point of something so fancy and fussy that is is unsustainable?  That serves no one but the designer. Not that I mind the income, if you do decide to put me on contract for maintenance.

If that sounds like something you’d like, maybe we can work together

When you hire me, you are making it possible for me to continue my own career as an independent artist. Thank you.


Cynthia Rand-Thompson

Rand-Thompson Design

updated August 4, 2020